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Protecting Your Home From Water

If your home was built in the early 1970’s or before, the plumbing system of your home and property may be broken or collapsed. Your home is highly susceptible to water damage.  

But fear not, even if water damage does occur, Manny is here to Protect Your Home.

Water damage can come in many forms including plumbing leaks, household appliance leaks, bathroom and shower leaks and more.

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The most serious water damage homes commonly suffer from in South Florida is the result of a burst pipe or a break in an old, cast iron, or corroded pipe.  Thankfully for homeowners, insurance policies may cover the losses related to these types of  plumbing issues.

There are two common types of leaks:

  • Slab Leak

    • A leak that has developed in the water lines running below the concrete foundation of your home. 

  • Pinhole Leak:

    • A leak resulting in water above ground, water in the wall or ceiling or leaks originating from a machine.

When water damage occurs due to a Slab Leak, the issue is extremely serious and complex. The money you need to properly repair a slab leak is often much more than you need to repair a normal, pinhole, leak coming from your wall or other area of the home.  

Homeowners must be aware that insurance companies might misclassify a slab leak as something minor -- and thereby only issue a nominal payment for the damage. This kind of misclassification could destroy both the foundation and value of your home. 

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Water damage resulting from leaking household appliances can cause far more damage than you realize. In fact, even trace amounts of water can compromise the integrity of your floors and cabinets.  

The following appliance leaks can require your insurance company to pay for entire removal & replacement of all your old floors or cabinets with brand-new ones

  • Dishwasher leaks 

  • Sink leaks 

  • Garbage Disposal leaks 

  • Air Condition leaks

  • Washing Machine Leaks 

  • and more!

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Water damage originating in bathrooms can be extremely costly to a homeowner. Your bathroom is filled with many different plumbing lines and potential issues. 

Here are some common causes of bathroom water damage: 

  • Toilets with faulty supply lines and water overflows

  • Shower Pan & Tubs with a break, crack, or hole in them

  • Drain Backups & Overflows result from clogs, obstructions, and/or broken pipes

  • P-Trap & Drain leaks

  • Water supply lines breaking​​​​

The inspection of water damage originating from a bathroom area is extremely complex and requires trained eyes. A poorly written report can result in a denial of your insurance claim.  

Insurance companies commonly deny bathroom water damage claims that result from “long term damage” or “wear and tear.”  Saving you from a wrongful denial of a bathroom water damage claim is one of the many ways Manny Protects Your Home!

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Hiring an Attorney helps your claim get to the front of the list

Every year in South Florida we need to be prepared for the start of hurricane season. The most important thing is making sure you and your loved ones are all safe. But you also want to know how to protect your home, and what to do if your home is damaged during the storm. We can help you navigate that process so that you don't get stuck on hold with your insurance company until next year!

Contact us to receive a FREE Hurricane Preparedness Checklist.

If your home suffers damage in a storm, you'll likely need to file an insurance claim.

A Licensed Florida Lawyer can make all the difference in getting attention from your insurance company after a hurricane - when they'll be inundated with claims. 

And here's the little-known secret: Your insurance company pays our fees if there is a judgment entered in your favor.

How We Can Help​

If you suffered hurricane damage to your home, contact us today for a FREE claim review and property inspection.  At no cost to you, we will:

  • Review your policy

  • Estimate construction and content replacement costs

  • Report your loss to the insurance company and deal with them throughout the claims process 

  • Ensure that you maximize your recovery of what you are entitled to under your policy.

Home Insurance Attorney helps you save y
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If you have any questions related to water damage that has occurred on your property, do not hesitate to contact Manny for a FREE consultation and review of your insurance claim documents.  Manny will Protect Your Home.

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