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How to get $$ for Storm Eta Damage in South Florida

How do I get $$$ to repair my home from Storm Eta?

If your South Florida home was damaged in any way from Eta, you may be entitled to insurance money to repair your home. It's never fun to deal with home damages, but Manny is able to help the whole process go smoothly.

How to find home damage after a storm like Eta:

Be on the lookout for ...

  1. Water stains on your ceiling

  2. Fallen Objects (such as tree branches)

  3. Water Intrusion (through windows or doors)

  • We already have one claim from water leaking in through a door - this client is likely eligible for wall repair, floor replacement and more. 

Call Manny at Rossen Law Firm for a FREE consultation if you think your home was damaged due to Eta: 754-206-6200. P.S. You don't pay anything out of pocket for a home insurance attorney - your insurance company foots the bill.

Also, in Florida - you do not want to call a public adjuster. Who has a public adjuster? Almost everyone else making a home insurance claim. Insurance companies will prioritize settling claims made with/by an attorney, and an attorney will likely to able to get you far more money. We've gotten clients 5-10x more than what their public adjuster could. If you or someone you know thinks you may have Eta damage, feel free to send them our way to have questions answered. 754-206-6200

Storm Eta dumped more than a foot in most of Broward County -- Typically, Broward County sees about 3 inches of rain every November. Tropical Storm Eta nearly tripled that total in less than six hours, according to the Sun Sentinel.

"Broward County was hit hardest, according to the National Weather Service. Miramar received close to 14 inches, followed by 13 inches in parts of Weston and Pembroke Pines. Across the county, rainfall measured 8 to 14 inches over 24 hours," according to the article.

A tropical storm like Eta hitting South Florida this hard in November is fairly rare. Hurricane Season, however, typically goes throughout the whole month of November - so it's not quite time to let your guard down.

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