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Manny Protects Your Home represents homeowners against insurance companies. We work to maximize the recovery of your insurance claims while minimizing your stress level.  We stop the stressful flood of paperwork and phone calls so that you don’t have to worry about them.  

Insurance Companies Have Lawyers Why Shouldn’t You?

Licensed Florida Home Insurance Attorneys have a distinct skill set that allows us to evaluate and negotiate your home insurance claim from a position that others simply can’t.

Public Adjusters and Loss Consultants don’t have all the skills to get you the maximum payout on your claim, and they don’t have the ability to threaten a lawsuit like an attorney can. 

Having a lawyer can have the ability to get you a fast pass through the process - home insurance companies are typically more responsive to clients who have attorneys which means you could jump ahead of everyone else who’s filed a claim with a public adjuster.  

We’ll keep sharing this secret as long as people will listen: Hiring a lawyer doesn’t cost you anything. The insurance company pays us - we don’t get paid unless you do. 

An Attorney can speak with the insurance company lawyer-to-lawyer, and we can better wield power with our knowledge of insurance policy language and contract law. 

Underpaid or Denied Insurance Claims

Many people find themselves relying on the insurance company to “do the right thing” when their home suffers damage - especially since that is the reason you have a policy in the first place.

Unfortunately, insurance carriers routinely - and sometimes wrongfully - deny, underpay or delay payment.

That means you’re likely to find yourself buried in paperwork, harassed with phone calls and on Google trying to make sense of your situation. You don’t need that. You need the money you are owed to repair the damage to your home, property or business. 

That’s where we come in…

Give us a call at 754-206-6200 to schedule a free consultation where we can look at your policy with you and tell you how we can help your unique situation.



What Our Happy Clients Say

Fort Lauderdale Home Insurance Attorney

“After difficulties with our insurance company, we called Manny to help us resolve the situation. He was professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. He made sure we were in the loop during every step of the process and was quick to respond to all of our questions and concerns. He went above and beyond, and we highly recommend him.”

Sarah, 2020
former client

Fort Lauderdale Home Insurance Attorney.

“A pole fell on my house causing damage to my roof, siding, and electrical panel and in just 2 months Manny was able to get me almost 5 time[s] what the insurance company wanted to pay. Manny is an unbelievably professional individual who helped me during a difficult time and walked me along the process step by step. I would recommend Manny to all of my friends and family.”

Christian, 2019 
former client

Best Home Insurance Attorney Fort Lauder

"I hired Manny to deal with a very serious insurance issue that I was originally trying to navigate on my own. He tactfully navigated through legal minutia and put me at ease when I was stressed to the max. Thank you so much, Manny! I can't imagine where I'd be without his help."

Brett, 2020
former client

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